Guru Rinpoche Statue at Namdroling

April 6, 2009 § 6 Comments



(The statue now.)

In addition to all the rainbows reported in the area (even though there’s no rain), the Guru Rinpoche statue inside the Zangdok Palri Temple at Namdroling Monastery is reported to have been seen crying. The statue’s face used to be more of a wrathful face (as all other Guru Rinpoche statues), but now the face has changed into a sad expression. I saw the reaction of some Tibetans when they saw the top picture above, and they were shocked by it. They said it isn’t the way they’ve seen the statue before, even in pictures.

NOTE: I had previously posted a 2nd picture, but I’ve removed it. It was actually an example of the facial expression normally found on Guru Rinpoche statues in general, and not a “before” picture.

UPDATE: I found a “before” picture, which can be found here:




§ 6 Responses to Guru Rinpoche Statue at Namdroling

  • Konchog says:

    Any chance of showing a Before and After?

    • rigpadorje says:

      Konchog ~ All the pictures I presently have are of the Guru Rinpoche statue in a different temple there at Namdroling.

  • Ani Miranda says:

    Just noticed the spot in the center of Guru Rinpoche’s forehead. It wasn’t there in the “before” picture.

    • rigpadorje says:

      Ani Miranda ~ I apologize for not being clear. The 2nd pic was actually just an example of what the expression on a general Guru Rinpoche statue looks like. I’m still trying to get a “before” picture. How fortunate we were, and still are, to have HH Penor Rinoche as a teacher.

  • april says:

    It must because guru rinpoche is so sad about how deep the bad karmas are in this Samsara…& How lack of merits the samsara beings are to lose HH Penor Rinpoche…Let’s all really practice dharma and keep Samaya for all beings & ourself’s sake.

  • karma yonten says:

    i dont think he cried of penor rinpoches death, why should he cry? he is so powerful that he can give rebirth to him and he could have given longer life to penor rinpoches before the death.
    the reason for his crying must be because of his own other problems.

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